Menu Settings for the Canon R5

18 Feb , 2022 Canon R5,Canon R6,Photography Gear

Menu Settings for the Canon R5

This video takes a closer look at some of the settings you should consider changing within the Canon R5 menu system for photography. This camera has quickly become a workhorse hybrid style camera. More than capable for almost any situation.

This is despite the negative feedback for certain issue like over heating, record times and noise levels due to the 45 mega pixel image sensor. However, I find all of these things can be mitigated, and there are certainly more plus points than negatives when using this camera on a regular basis.

Having bought the Canon R5 over a year ago now, I have had a chance to dig fairly deep in to the menu system. An amazing camera in many ways, great results so far. It’s been a fun camera to work with. However, setting the camera up with custom controls and functions will make your life much easier.

There are quite a few things that I would probably change straight away, if they haven’t already been set to default straight out of the box.

18 things i would consider changing on the Canon R5

Shoot Settings Image Quality RAW plus Jpeg redundancy recording, ISO Speed Setting, Electronic First Curtain Shutter, Release Shutter Without Card, Touch Shutter,

Auto Focus Settings Continuous Auto Focus Off, Focus guide, MF Peaking

Play Back Settings AF Point Display

Network Settings Airplane Mode

Set-Up Settings Record Function Card Folder Selection – Record Separately, Beep, Power Saving 30s display, Shutter at Shutdown

Custom Functions Exposure Level Increments, ISO Speed Setting Increments, Customize Buttons set M-FN button, Turn on Multi Controller Direct AF Point Selection.

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