Canon R5 For Wildlife Photography

19 Feb , 2022 Canon R5,Canon R6,Photography Gear

Canon R5 For Wildlife Photography

This video is intended to help anyone new to the Canon R system to quickly set up a custom shooting mode for wildlife photography.

These settings include choosing the shutter mode, adjusting the maximum auto ISO value, minimum shutter speed and selecting the appropriate drive mode.

I have been using the R system for the over a year and have developed my own custom settings, which are saved as custom shooting modes, that can be selected quickly from the mode dial, saving valuable time when in the field.

These setting work fine on both the R5 and R6. The only difference is the position and functionality when selecting the custom shooting mode. The R5 has a digital display for selecting the shooting and exposure modes, while the R6 has a physical dial on the top right of the camera.

Click here to view my other video that demonstrates how to set up customisable controls for back button focusing, using the new auto eye detect focus system

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