Canon EOS RF100-500

19 Feb , 2022 Canon R5,Canon R6,Gear,Photography Gear

Canon EOS RF100-500

Having managed to acquire this lens several months ago, I have now managed to take the R5 and R6 cameras out with the new RF100-500mm telephoto zoom on several different occasions.

This lens is a lot of fun to use, fairly light weight for it’s size, easy to handle and extremely portable. When paired with the autofocus system of the R5 and R6 cameras this lens performs extremely well.

There are some noise issues at very high ISO levels with the R5. I would probably limit the ISO to 3200 with an f/2.8 lens and 6400 for an f/4.5. Noise levels can be controlled in RAW editing quite easily. It’s now even simpler with sky and object selection mask within Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW, or by using a plugin like Neat Video/Image.

This is my simple visual review that helps to demonstrate the capabilities of the lens with the metadata for each photo.

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