40 Inspirational Bucket List Locations for 2022

4 Oct , 2021 Travel,Video

40 Inspirational Bucket List Locations for 2022

The world will recovery and travel and tourism will gradually bounce back to pre pandemic levels. What’s on your bucket list for 2022? Here is a list of locations all travellers and Instagram influencers should have on their travel list for 2022 and beyond, as global travel & tourism returns to a level of normality.

00:00 Anse Source d’Argent in the Seychelles is often described as the most photographed beach in the world
00:24 Oia in Santorini attracts over 2 million tourists every year
00:36 Dubrovnik is the second most visited city in Croatia
00:54 AlUla in Saudi Arabia expects to attract 90,000 domestic tourist in 2021
01:16 Angkor Wat accounts for 38% of Cambodia’s tourism
01:34 Pyramids of Giza in Egypt reached a peak of 14 million visitors in 2019
01:55 Tulum in Mexico attracted over 300,00 tourist in 2018
02:10 Bali is Indonesia top tourist destination
02:25 Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world
02:36 Phi Phi Islands in Thailand had almost 600,000 tourists in 2019
02:51 Zakynthos is the fifth most visited island in Greece
03:08 Monument Valley in Utah is iconic to the Mid-West of the USA
03:24 Times Square in New York City usually sees 360,000 pedestrians per day
03:40 Eiffel Tower, Paris is the most visited ticketed monument in the world
03:56 Taj Mahal was the most visited monument by domestic visitors in 2020
04:05 Athens remains one of the most popular cities within the EU
04:18 Petra in Jordan welcomed 1.13 million visitors in 2019
04:37 Westminster attracts 95% of all visitors to London
04:52 Marina Bay attracts over 50% of all tourists to Singapore
05:11 Venice received over 5 millions tourists in 2019
05:29 Cappadocia received almost half a million visitors in 2019
05:55 Hong Kong has attracted 50 million tourists in one year
06:22 Maldives managed to cater for over 500,000 visitors in 2020
06:46 Cape Town received over 5 million visitors in 2019
07:00 Rainbow Mountain in Peru attracts 1000 climbers and hikers every day
07:11 Okavango Delta is the only inland freshwater delta in the world
07:31 Rome is the second most visited city within the European Union
07:52 Yosemite National Park in California managed to cater for 2.27 million visitors in 2020
08:11 Mount Fuji in Japan attracts more than a million tourists every year
08:32 Amalfi Coast is a UESCO listed site with around 5 million tourists per year
08:52 Bora Bora in one of 118 islands that make up French Polynesia
09:15 Ha Long Bay in north Vietnam welcomed 2.9 million international visitors in 2019
09:32 Cost Rica attracts roughly 1 million visitors a year for eco related activities
09:48 Barcelona received a record 12 millions visitors in 2019
10:10 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to highly endangered groups of mountain gorillas
10:30 Iceland welcomed 2 million tourists in 2019
10:52 Zanzibar managed to cater for over half a million visitors in 2020
11:14 Lofoten in Norway is capable of attracting 1 million visitors per year
11:36 Qatar will become the first country in the Middle East to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022
11:52 Ronda in AndalucĂ­a, southern Spain is rich in cultural and literary traditions

This list is in no particular order of preference or significance. All statistical data has been used from official sources found on the internet and has been disclosed where possible.

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